10 Examples of Fantastic Guerrilla Marketing

Delivering Value in Creative and Unexpected Ways

You don't always need a Super Bowl size budget to attract attention and results. Guerrilla marketing is all about applying your budget (or lack of one) in unconventional ways to create excitement around your brand.

1. Tinder was initially marketed with free pizza, stickers and shirts, largely through fraternity and sorority roll outs at SMU and BYU.

2. November Project, one of the largest free-fitness movements started in Boston, MA and gained visibility by tagging participants clothing on-site with graffiti paint volunteers.

Picture Credit - November Project, AZ

3. Paint Nite hosted a charity paint night with Rob Gronkowski for their two year anniversary - earning $2M for the National Brain Tumor Society and huge accolades with the press.

4. New Balance originally gained a loyal following of runners when founder William Riley (New Balance Arch) first visited the Boston Brown Bag Harriers track club in 1938 and offered to custom fit the team with hand-made running shoes.

5. Ben and Jerry's generates publicity with their annual ice cream giveaway which started on their first birthday. The summer of 2018 features the Carnival Road Show to launch new "carnival" ice cream flavors.

6. Life is Good employs optimism in their brand and marketing strategies, encouraging their community to share positive stories, publishing the Life is Good book of happiness and even creating an optimism machine.

7. Lululemon led the charge for in-store community events, starting with Yoga classes offered in their stores in 1998.

8. Darn Tough Socks gained traction by donating 3,500 pairs of socks to the 2004 Vermont City Marathon, gaining fan accolades and notice by major retailers

9. Bear Naked Granola got their first big account after serving an impromptu breakfast to the head buyer - served on their family china.

10. Quinn Popcorn began a great blog on the challenges and rewards of starting a small family business.

It's a Crowded Market - Volume Can Help

Let's share what makes you interesting, your passion, the emotion that makes you not just a product or service but something that people genuinely want. A brand is ultimately how it is experienced. Are you ready? Let's amplify your brand.

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